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CIDOMIC is a powder product of a characteristic grey colour.

Target specie: 


CIDOMIC is a mycotoxin binder. It works by preventing that mycotoxins negatively affect the health and the productive performance of the animals.

The use of CIDOMICin animal nutrition acts at different levels, according to the properties of its components:

  • Clinoptilolite, bentonite and sepiolite: are mineral adsorbing agents from the clay group. They have a high mycotoxin adsorption capacity.
  • Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) and β-glucans: are interesting components for their ability to stimulate the animal non specific immune system. They also act as mycotoxin adsorbents.
  • Milk thistle seeds (Sylibum marianum): its main component, silymarin, acts as a potent antioxidant for hepatic cells, and increases the ability of these cells to regenerate.

Clinoptilolite, bentonite and sepiolite
Milk thistle seeds

Mode of use: 

Mix with feed.

Recommended dose: 

Preventive: 0.5 kg / t de pienso
Recommended: 1.5 kg / t de pienso
Serious: 2.0 kg / t de pienso


Presentation: Powder
Net weight: 20 kg Aluminium bags