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CRYPTOCID is a dense-dark liquid.

Target specie: 


CRYPTOCID is a liquid blend of activated charcoal, and other components, useful for the prevention and treatment of cryptosporidiosis in neonatal ruminants.

The activated charcoal of CRYPTOCID prevents and treats C. parvum infection by catching the oocysts and reducing their viability. In addition, activated charcoal is useful for the removal of bacteria and bacterial toxins avoiding secondary infections.


Activated charcoal
Organic acids
Zn oxide

Mode of use: 

For oral route. To apply directly to the animal.

For prevention:

  • Calves: 60 ml once a day for 7 days
  • Lambs and kids: 10 ml once a day for 7 days

For treatment:

  • Calves: 60 ml twice a day for 4 days
  • Lambs and kids: 10 ml twice for 4 days

Shake well before use and close after every application. Rinse the dispenser after use.

Recommended dose: 

Calves: 60 ml/animal/day
Lambs and kids:10 ml/animal/day


Bottles of 1 and 5 l.