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PIDOCID is a nutritional complex containing Calcium Pidolate and 25-hydroxycholecalciferol, specially developed for pigs and poultry, improving bone structure and hardening to the eggshell.

Target specie: 


Properties and mechanism of action of PIDOCIT product:

  • Calcium pidolate is an analog of pyrroline-5-carboxylase (P5C) and this is a precursor of Arginine and Proline.
  • Bone is constituted of: 70% calcium and phosphorus + 30% collagen proteins
  • 52% of collagen is formed by Proline, Hydroxyproline, Glycine and Arginine
  • Collagen has an essential role in the eggshell membrane.
  • Arginine causes more secretion of Growth Hormone, which activates the Insulin-like Growth Factor 1, which participates at an early age in muscle and bone cell differentiation.
  • Proline and Arginine are essential aminoacids in the first days of life of a piglet (0-60 days). Their synthesis is carried out only in the presence of P5C whose endogenous production is limited to early ages. Calcium Pidolate incorporating in the diet increases production of aminoacids which activates the Growth Hormone, ensuring good bone formation.
  • In hens, after 60 weeks, the Arginine and Proline synthesis capacity is decreased. Calcium Pidolate supplementation can improve eggshell collagen structure.

Calcium Pidolate

Mode of use: 

Mix with feed

Recommended dose: 

Poultry:1.50 kg/T of feed (0.15%)
Pigs: 2.00 kg/T of feed (0.20%)


Presentation: Powder
Net weight:Bags 25 kg